cosas excitantes


Hola! Many interesting things have been going on over here in Chile! We have been going out to the field during the week as well as exploring the city a little.

We’ve only been catching one degu a day =[…although, they are adorable and I get to hold them, so I’m totally ok with that. Here is a glamour shot of one of our test subjects.

One of the degus we caught in the field.

Me and Kelsie also did some exploring of the city, we went to this place called Plaza des Armas which is pretty much like one giant outdoor shopping mall that spans over several blocks (we went to Ripley again) and it is also near La Moneda, which is the presidential palace. After, we went to an artisan market near Uni Católica. I met a couple of people from Long Island! one of their daughters lives here in Santiago and they are visiting her. I also made friends with a local painter, he was excited to practice his English and I just kept asking him how to say different things in Spanish, it was a win-win situation. I told him I would only buy one of his paintings if he let me take a picture with him so I could show everyone that I know the painter, he was totally ok with this, although I didn’t have any money  so I will have to make a return appearance and get the pic!

Some pics of my travels around the city:

One of the building in the main square of Plaza de Armas…surrounded by palm trees!

A church by our apartment we drive by to get to the field on a beautiful day!

Probably most exciting was getting to see the sunrise over the Andes at the field site, since it had rained the night before all of the smog had cleared away and we had a beautiful view of the mountains as the sun came up (we left for the field site around 6:30am)

The Andes were also beautiful on the drive home- we left the field site by 1:30

The sky was so beautiful yesterday I couldn’t resist but take another Andes shot from our apartment window

The sky was so beautiful. The pic would have been much better if that giant crane wasn’t there.

Tuesday morning we are heading out to Fray Jorge! That means no electricity (for a little while) and lots of field work! We will be returning to Santiago on Saturday for a few days to pick up Robbie and Rebecca, some more researchers! I will try to update then on the wonders of Fray Jorge (Chile’s largest national park). If anything exciting happens over the weekend, I will be sure to tell you! Hasta pronto!


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